$esZKDX is a derivative token based on $ZKDX that allows holders to continuously earn $ZKDX rewards through vesting and participate in protocol governance.

$esZKDX can be converted into a specific amount of $ZKDX tokens through vesting. The vesting duration of $esZKDX can be selected, and different vesting times result in different vesting bonuses.

During the vesting process, $esZKDX tokens are converted to $ZKDX continuously and become fully vested within the specified time. Once converted to $ZKDX, the tokens can be claimed at any time.

In summary, the vesting of $esZKDX will be reasonably scheduled based on the following principles to ensure its value to the community and users.

  1. $esZKDX will definitely be converted into the same amount of $ZKDX.

  2. The conversion will occur gradually.

  3. The conversion will be truly valuable for users and the community.

When necessary, the governance voting will be initiated to clarify the rules of the $esZKDX vesting.

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