💠L3 Omnichain Aggregator

zkDX implements omnichain technology and its applications, enabling users from various blockchain networks to seamlessly trade derivatives on zkDX while keeping their assets on their respective chains. This positions zkDX as an omnichain aggregator for derivatives trading, or it can be perceived as a L3 derivative protocol built on top of L2 networks.

zkDX will deploy its unique liquidity pool on one L2 network, while the zkDX trading Dapp can be swiftly deployed on various L2 networks. This approach enables zkDX to expand across multiple L2 networks without deploying a separate liquidity pool on each of it, thus mitigating liquidity fragmentation.

For example, if a trader on Base intends to trade derivatives on zkDX, the process unfolds as follows:

Step 1: The trader establishes a position on the zkDX Dapp deployed on Base, and the zkDX Dapp locks the user's position assets.

Step 2: When the trader closes the position, either actively or passively, zkDX settles the trader's profit or loss.

In the case of a profit, the liquidity pool of zkDX triggers the omnichain bridge to transfer the profit to the user. In the case of a loss, the zkDX Dapp on Base invokes the omnichain bridge to transfer the position assets to the liquidity pool of zkDX.

zkDX's omnichain aggregator yields several benefits:

Enhanced user experience: Users can seamlessly and swiftly trade across different L2 networks through zkDX without the need for asset transfers between various networks, eliminating the complexity and costs associated with cross-chain transactions.

Increased liquidity: zkDX aggregates liquidity from all networks onto one unique liquidity pool, bolstering the overall liquidity of the system. This increase in liquidity significantly deepens trading pools and enhances security.

Streamlined expansion: The zkDX Dapp can be effortlessly deployed on any L2 network and rapidly expanded across all networks, attracting more users and assets to the derivative trading.

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