🛸How to transfer $ZKDX and $esZKDX across L2 networks

Both of $esZKDX and $ZKDX are Omnichain Fungible Tokens. The OFT allows tokens to be transferred across multiple chains without the need for asset wrapping or intermediate chains.

Through the integration of LayerZero technology, you can seamlessly transfer your $esZKDX and $ZKDX across different Layer2 networks.

Below are the contract addresses of $esZKDX and $ZKDX on various L2 networks: $esZKDX - zkSync_mainnet: 0x3b56FcAA31fAE78C5239292227ebef12cE76EEd0 $esZKDX - Base_mainnet: 0x0449854533B847f4e8DD3b10E46CF37d698dAaa0 $esZKDX - Linea_mainnet: 0x0449854533B847f4e8DD3b10E46CF37d698dAaa0 $esZKDX - Blast_mainnet: 0x0449854533B847f4e8DD3b10E46CF37d698dAaa0 $ZKDX - zkSync_mainnet: 0xc3a3aa99b80845d22cc41dea3bdb9b2a9ebe199a $ZKDX - Blast_mainnet: 0x71CA0E46434b4dfbd7065aFE508C9A107eB3a522

How to transfer $esZKDX and $ZKDX across various Layer2 networks:

OFT tokens can be freely transferred and used across various Layer2 networks, without being limited to a single network.

When transfer, you need to select the current chain where the $esZKDX tokens are located and the target chain, and enter the amount of $esZKDX.


The earlier version of $esZKDX needs to be upgraded to OFT $esZKDX by following below steps to enable omnichain functionality:

How to upgrade $esZKDX

Visit the Upgrade page, and switch your wallet to zkSync Mainnet.

Click the "Upgrade" button to upgrade your original $esZKDX tokens.

Click the "Import Token" button to easily add the token contract to your wallet If you need to add the $esZKDX into your wallet by updating the contract address: 0x3b56FcAA31fAE78C5239292227ebef12cE76EEd0.

(The contract address of earlier $esZKDX on zkSync network is: 0xE9d81b108cF6062607BCD888C745fb67e9d5eFcd)

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