📜MOD Recruitment Program!

🎖️ Join us as a MOD! 🎖️

As a MOD, you will undertake more responsibilities, and of course, we will continue to introduce new partners to share the workload.

Currently, the responsibilities of MODs include:

  • Checking and deleting fraudulent accounts and information to maintain community safety;

  • Interacting with community to cultivate an active community atmosphere;

  • Deeply understanding the project, answer zkDX related questions and introduce the zkDX's features/advantages to the community;


  • Stablecoin, Token, and NFT

  • Specific number of rewards will be announced soon

Selection mechanism:

  • We will evaluate the performance of each MOD every two weeks to ensure he/she is willing to do good work for the community.

  • At the same time, any active and competent community memeber could also be selected as a new MOD.

Let's work together to build a prosperous and valuable community of zkDX!

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