zkDX is a derivative protocol of liquidity mode built on L2 networks, which supports the trading of crypto perpetual futures, foreign currency, stocks, and various innovative financial derivatives. With a range of cutting-edge and innovative features, zkDX offers superior security, exceptional liquidity, low transaction fees, and a wide selection of leveraged trading products.

Moreover, zkDX leverages omnichain technology to construct an Omnichain Aggregator for derivative trading. This aggregator consolidates liquidity from multiple L2 networks, creating a robust and dominant liquidity pool. As a result, zkDX facilitates a seamless trading experience for users, regardless of the network on which their assets reside. By integrating omnichain technology, zkDX enhances accessibility and liquidity, allowing users to enjoy efficient and convenient trading across various networks, and also helps address the issue of liquidity fragmentation in L2 networks.

The vision of zkDX is to establish itself as the premier derivative protocol in the industry, delivering real and substantial value capture while generating sustainable revenue through market activities. In pursuit of this vision, zkDX collaborates with the innovative and composable ecosystem of L2 networks and omnichain technology, fostering high capital efficiency and offering a diverse array of market products.

zkDX is founded upon a fully decentralized concept and architecture, with ownership vested in the community. Guided by the collective efforts of its community members, zkDX aspires to evolve into a forward-thinking derivatives ecosystem that embraces innovative ideas and technologies. By embracing this community-driven approach, zkDX aims to foster an inclusive and collaborative environment that propels the growth and development.

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