$ZKDX serves as the utility and governance token of zkDX, providing holders with both benefits and governance rights within the project.

Total Supply: 1 Billion

  • Reserve Fund: 150 Million

    • Purpose: Intended for the Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) of zkDX and future initiatives to enhance liquidity.

  • $ZKDX LP Incentive: 200 Million

    • Purpose: Incentivizing rewards for the LP of zkDX's derivatives trading and $ZKDX token trading.

  • Trader Incentive: 100 Million

    • Purpose: Incentivizing rewards for the traders of zkDX's derivatives.

  • $esZKDX Rewards: 200 Million

    • Purpose: Incentivizing rewards for $ZKDX stakers and governance participants. The circulating $esZKDX will have its linear conversion rules determined through governance voting.

  • zkDX DAO: 200 Million

    • Purpose: Dedicated to the decentralized governance of zkDX.

  • Team: 100 Million

    • Vesting: 6 months cliff, 30 months vesting period.

  • Marketing: 50 Million

    • Purpose: Marketing expenses for expanding zkDX's influence and visibility.

Value Capture

70% of the fees generated by the zkDX Protocol are rewarded to the $ZKLP holders, 25% are rewarded to staked $ZKDX, and 5% are rewarded to active traders. What's the Revenue

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