🛫How to Upgrade $esZKDX to Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT)

With the integration of LayerZero technology, you can now upgrade your $esZKDX to OFT $esZKDX which can be seamlessly transfer accross various L2 networks

Visit the specified page, switch your wallet to zkSync network, and select the "Upgrade" option. Click the upgrade button to upgrade your original $esZKDX tokens can be upgraded.

Before the upgrade: $esZKDX - zkSync contract: 0xE9d81b108cF6062607BCD888C745fb67e9d5eFcd

After the upgrade: $esZKDX - zkSync contract: 0x3b56FcAA31fAE78C5239292227ebef12cE76EEd0

Post-upgrade, the upgraded $esZKDX tokens can be sent to other chains using the following methods.

When sending, users need to select the current chain where the $esZKDX tokens are located and the target chain, and input the desired amount of $esZKDX to send.

Contract addresses for $esZKDX after the transfer: (Click the "Import" button to easily add the token contract to your wallet)

$esZKDX - Linea_mainnet: 0x0449854533B847f4e8DD3b10E46CF37d698dAaa0 $esZKDX - Base_mainnet: 0x0449854533B847f4e8DD3b10E46CF37d698dAaa0

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