⚖️LP Hedging

Ensuring the security of liquidity is a paramount concern for zkDX. In addition to implementing various mechanisms to guide and balance liquidity, zkDX employs measures to hedge the risks encountered by liquidity providers (LPs).

In situations where there is a significant imbalance between long and short positions, leading to one-sided market movement, winning traders may acquire a large number of assets from the liquidity pool. To address this scenario, zkDX has established a hedging mechanism to mitigate potential risks. When the imbalance between long and short positions exceeds a certain threshold, zkDX conducts hedging in other markets, such as the options market. The income generated from hedging is then reinvested into the liquidity pool to partially offset any losses incurred by the pool.

Furthermore, zkDX plans to collaborate with reputable insurance service providers to offer protection for the liquidity pool. In the event of risks such as contract bugs, price oracle attacks, or governance attacks, the insurance service provider will offer compensation to mitigate the impact on LPs.

By implementing these hedging measures and partnering with insurance providers, zkDX aims to safeguard the interests of liquidity providers and enhance the overall security and stability of the platform.

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