👉Inviting Friends to zkDX: A Guide to Transferring $esZKDX

Establishing a Referral Relationship:

  • The inviter transfers 1,000 $esZKDX to the invitee's address, creating a referral link.

How to Acquire $esZKDX:

  1. Stay Engaged with zkDX: Follow zkDX and participate in activities like zealy sprint or other reward events.

  2. Purchase on iZUMi: Buy $esZKDX on iZUMi, which operates on the zkSync Era network. After switching networks, search for the esZKDX contract and enter the amount to purchase.

  3. Stake to earn: Guide

Making a Valid Invitation:

  • After obtaining $esZKDX, transfer 1,000 $esZKDX to another individual's wallet address to count as a valid invitation. Only transfers of this exact amount will be recognized as valid invitations during the snapshot.

Upgrades $esZKDX to Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT):

  • Upgrade your $esZKDX to OFT $esZKDX, allowing seamless transfers across various L2 networks like Linea, Base, and zkSync.

  • Transferring 1,000 $esZKDX post-upgrade to someone's wallet address on these networks also counts as a valid invitation.

This guide helps you navigate the process of acquiring and using $esZKDX for inviting friends to the zkDX community, leveraging the latest technological advancements for seamless transactions.

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