🔥zkDX Trade Mining Summer!

After continuous development, zkDX is about to release a new version, include new features of limit order, trigger orders, more accurate price oracle, cheaper gas fees, and etc. These new features will bring greater value and lower trading costs to users and zkDX itself.💰

To celebrate the go-live of the zkDX new features and encourage traders to experience them, we want you to trade perpetual contracts like crazy this summer. Win zkDX tokens and NFT rewards through Trade Mining without any losses!📈

In addition, we also hope to enhance your trading skills and help you better understand the fun of trading on zkDX through this event.💃


⏰ Start: July 3rd, 2023, 9:00 AM UTC ⏰


Link of How to trade on zkDX


  1. During the event, we will launch multiple rounds of trade mining on the platform. The winner of each round will receive a portion of $esZKDX token prize.

  2. The perpetual contracts that can be traded during the event include BTC, ETH, Doge, ARB, and US stocks.

  3. We will schedule 1-2 rounds of trade mining per week, and the $esZKDX prize pool for each round will be announced. The top 20 traders with the highest profits will share the $esZKDX prize pool for that round. The top 1-3 traders will averagely share 33%, 4-10 traders will averagely share 33%, and 11-20 traders will averagely share 34%.

  4. The $esZKDX prize will be sent to winners address within 3 working days after the end of each round of trade mining.

  5. Even if you are not lucky enough to enter the leaderboard, don't worry, you still have the potential to earn some $esZKDX rewards as the most active traders.


  1. 0.5% of the $esZKDX total supply, which is 5,000,000 $esZKDX.

  2. The winners of the 21-30 places in each round of Trade Mining will receive one Lv2 NFT reward each.

  3. The top 10 performers throughout the Trade Mining Event will each receive one Lv5 NFT reward.

  4. Users who discover bugs and help zkDX improve its products will receive a certain amount of $esZKDX and NFT rewards based on the quality of the bugs they discover.

💸What is $esZKDX?

🔒 esZKDX is a derivative token based on $ZKDX, and it is distinct from $ZKDX. 💎💰 After the Token Generation Event (TGE), $esZKDX can continuously acquire the same amount of $ZKDX through vesting.

💪 Each staked $esZKDX will receive an equivalent amount of $esZKDX tokens and transaction fee rewards as regular $ZKDX tokens.

🗳️ Furthermore, after the TGE, $esZKDX will be endowed with governance rights of zkDX.

🖼️What is ZKDX NFT?

ZKDX NFT refers to a collection of unique and programmatically generated characters created by talented crypto artists. These NFTs are categorized into five levels based on their rarity:

🎲Lv1:Common | 🔮Lv2:Medium | 💎Lv3:Good | 🌟Lv4:Precious | 🔥Lv5:Rare

Holders of ZKDX NFTs at different levels can enjoy various benefits, including but not limited to:

  • -Trading fee discount

  • -LP rewards boost

  • -$ZKDX token airdrop

As the zkDX develops, the value of zkDX tokens and NFT assets will become more and more prominent. Please cherish the $esZKDX and ZKDX NFTs you obtain.

No matter how the market changes, the zkDX team will continue to work hard to present a better zkDX for the community and ensure that every participant benefits from the growth of the project's value.


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